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"whit" shares a few images and thoughts from Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.

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The day I shot this image, I tried several times to get close hogs, on the Aransas Wildlife Refuge but this is probably my best shot. The wrong end.
3 bucks
This also is not the best shot of the day but it was shot at 8:30 in the evening on May 26th with a Canon 400mm f2.8, and it is sharp. (I was surprised) I was leaving and it was shot out the window of the car, which is the best way to shoot critters at the refuge.  Nice lens! Just a bit heavy to carry around.

spiderSome times you have to look close.

    A interesting note.  A three month ago we bought a new Saturn SUV VUE Hybrid. When you stop in ECO mode the engine shuts off, making it a great car to shoot from while resting the camera lens on the door or window.  
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