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“TIME” is one of our most valued recourses. At Studio Houston we want to take advantage of all the valued resources that save us both time and money. You need to try Studio Houston’s workflow and management check system and see how it can save your time and money!

Here is an example using recent national advertising image shot for Bill Lewis Lures located in Louisiana:

4:40 Thursday afternoon…. Client called and wanted an image for a ad that had to go to press on Friday. The lure was FedEx to Studio Houston for a 9am delivery. The layout was sent via email. The layout was to be followed to the letter in size and attitude.

9:09 Friday morning… The lure arrived, it was staged on the shooting table and the first digital image was captured at 9:37. An approval image was sent to Bill Lewis. There was one change to be made the ring on the lure was standing up and they wanted it lying down.

10:00 Friday morning… The new image was captured and the image was cleaned up, critical color managed to CYMK, sized for the ad and another final proof sent via email.

10:20 Friday morning… The approved image was posted to Studio Houston’s FTP site and the printer for Bill Lewis in Louisiana pulled the file off and was on press before lunch.

It appears simple, and it was, it matched the layout precisely and one change was made. Ring down!
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